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The house "casa 09" is located in a residential area of Girona in the middle of a neighbourhood of detached houses and gardens. The project is based on a compact design with a square floor plan and two levels. The structure was realised with four L-shaped corner elements and eight columns that form a central hall and are stiffened on the upper floor by a box made of glulam.

The façade of the upper floor is clad with burnt wood battens; the lower floor is finished on all sides with TECU® Classic_bond copper panels. Burnt wood and copper were combined as striking materials that weather over time but playfully retain the effect as they complement each other.

The rough, dark wood will gradually lighten, whereas the initially shiny, reflective TECU® Classic copper surface will soon turn darkly matt.

TECU® Bond is an ideal solution for cladding façades quickly and economically, e.g. in TECU® Classic quality – without compromising on the outward appearance. TECU® Bond is prepared and cut to size in the workshop; the sheets are then installed on the building site in no time at all. And to prevent damage to the materials, as can happen in a rush, a protective film is applied to the visible surface in the factory.  The film is removed after the sheets have been installed.


TECU® Classic_bond

Casa 09, Girona (ES)

Arquitecturia Camps Felip, Girona (ES)
Sifera Construccions Eficients SL, Girona (ES)

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