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The new Oberlahnbad in Weilburg by the River Lahn offers premium-class bathing fun. The three activity areas open up to the river-facing south side via generous glazing, elegantly framed in TECU® Patina façade elements. In addition to a 25-metre swimmer's pool with four lanes and a two-storey sauna facility, an eight-by-eight-metre multifunctional pool with a special feature beckons here. The pool floor can be infinitely adjusted by means of special hydraulics, from family-friendly to sporty with water depths of up to 1.5 metres.

The glazing and wooden construction of the southern structure are elegantly framed in green pre-patinated copper. The lively surfaces of the TECU® Patina panels are the perfect complement to the materials used and, with their iridescent colour nuances, create an emotional connection to the wet medium for indoor bathing fun.

TECU® Patina is one side pre-patinated copper for immediate use to satisfy the highest aesthetic demands in building design. TECU® Patina is always extremely varied, just as you would expect from a natural surface. The many different surface tones and shades eventually blend together, but only gradually. The unique developments occurring in TECU® Patina are extremely exciting.

TECU® Patina is one of the 'TECU® Ecological Copper Alloys' and is therefore predestined for certified green buildings. All components of the alloy originate 100% from recycled material.


TECU® Patina

Oberlahnbad Weilburg , Weilburg (DE)

Ritz & Losacker GmbH, Weilburg (DE) / Krieger Architekten Ingenieure GmbH, Koblenz (DE)

Splettstößer GmbH, Bendorf (DE)

© Christopher Arnoldi