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Balancing over the water

After five planning applications due to the heavily constrained site, permission was obtained to re-develop three different outbuildings to gain additional accommodation for a lively family of seven. Hamish & Lyons award-winning design of the Stepping Stone House engages the whole family with the calming effects of nature. This is achieved through the abundant use of daylight, an organic structure and natural materials like the TECU® Iron copper roof with its warm reddish-brown character.

Two new multifunctional buildings are connected to the existing house via a structural glass bridge. Both buildings can be “opened” up to each other as all of the glass at ground floor level is designed as sliding, opening, door panels. The architecture and landscape merge with each other to create a playful and engaging place that is both calming and spiritual.

TECU® Iron enables you to create fascinating and lively perspectives with copper in facade cladding and in roof design. TECU® Iron brings weathered steel to mind, but is pure copper by origin with all its positive features as excellent formability, unrivalled durability and ease of processing. Light and shade, light and dark, dry and wet all generate different optical nuances that make TECU® Iron a popular material for metal roof and facades.

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PROJECT: Stepping Stone House, nr. Maidenhead, UK
ARCHITECT: Hamish & Lyons, Shoreditch/Cotswolds, UK
INSTALLER: Roles Broderick Roofing Ltd, UK
PHOTOS: © James Brittain

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