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KME receives Best Practice Award 2016

Essen/Osnabrück (04/2016) KME has been honoured with an award for exemplary energy and resource efficiency. The Minister of Economics of North Rhine-Westphalia Garrelt Duin handed over the “Best Practice Award 2016” during an event in Essen. At the Osnabrück site of KME Germany GmbH & Co. KG., a system had been developed, which can recover generated heat in an energy-efficient way. This enables almost 2,000 tons of CO2 to be saved each year. This approximately corresponds to the CO2 emissions of almost 600 flights between Osnabrück and New York.

“The award-winning companies show that resource and energy efficiency in the non-ferrous metals industry is taken very seriously”, said Economics Minister Garrelt Duin in his speech. “They supply new knowledge- and technology-based answers for climate protection.“

The Chairman of  Metals pro Climate Roland Leder said that the initiative aims at sustainable  CO2 reduction by means of more efficiency. “Energy and resource efficiency is a core competence of the non-ferrous metals industry. This becomes obvious by the best practice examples of the winners“, said Leder.

The “Best-Practice Award” was handed over for the first time by the initiative Metals pro Climate. ÖKOTEC Energiemanagement GmbH had previously examined all best practice examples of the companies and identified the best ones based on demanding criteria.