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This modern take on traditional house forms, uses TECU® Oxid copper and brick to complement its more conventional neighbours in a riverside setting near Utrecht in the Netherlands.

The dyke house, designed by EVA from Utrecht (NL), is situated overlooking the river Hollandse IJssel. The riverside elevation has been kept transparent to maximise the view, while the dyke side has a more modest, closed character to guarantee privacy. The house refers to the neighbouring houses in the original ribbon development in terms of form but has a contemporary character with minimal expressed details and rich materials. The roof of TECU® Oxid copper and the bricks have been chosen in the same shade of reddish-brown to make the whole appear as one volume.

TECU® Oxid copper sheets and strips are pre-oxidised on both sides in a patented industrial process that is gentle on the material. The oxide layer is not artificial but results naturally from the copper itself.

The building’s design and orientation participate in its energy management. The open north side lets light enter but not the sun, while the more closed south side limits heat build-up. Supplemented with extra insulated walls, a heat pump and solar panels, this makes for a very sustainable home. This is perfectly supported by the copper roof, as TECU® Oxid is produced by KME from 100% recycled copper. Copper can be recycled again and again without any loss of quality or quantity.

PROJECT: Villa Ijsselzig, Utrecht, NL
ARCHITECT: E V A | architecten, Utrecht, NL
INSTALLER: Ridder Skins for Buildings BV, Hoorn, NL
PHOTOS: ©Sebastian van Damme