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KME engineering for electromobility:
In motion with copper!

KME has always been an important partner for the subcontractors of the automotive industry; with high-performance copper alloys from KME, the manufacturers are provided with efficient solutions for the manufacture of their products. Even with regard to the anticipated significant growth of the market for electric vehicles, KME also keeps optimised materials and innovative product developments available, providing the corresponding driving force for the new mobility technology.

An efficient electromobility requires far more than the simple changeover to an alternative drive unit. In modern electric motors, special alloys from KME are just as decisive as for the entire smoothly functioning power supply and storage in the electric vehicle: excellent electrical conductivity, outstanding thermal conductivity for operational reliability in extremely wide temperature ranges as well as appropriate material strength with as low a component weight as possible, meaning – last but not least – a high level of economic efficiency. In close cooperation with its customers, KME supplies optimum solutions for these applications, which for instance enable efficient energy storage and charging, resulting in faster and more reliable charging cycles.

Many components from KME alloys developed for vehicles with conventional drives also fulfil their purpose without restrictions for electromobility. However, the sophisticated technology of electric vehicles demands several new solutions – not only as a result of the substantially higher currents. Here above all, the optimised

KME copper materials are required for more performance in power electronics, high-strength and extremely conductive KME alloys for plugs and plug-in connections as well as special pipes and strips from KME for the heat exchangers of the heating and cooling systems, as the latter cannot benefit from the “waste heat” of the power unit as in combustion engines.

With new and reliable engineering performance, KME is a dependable and powerful partner of the subcontractors of the automotive industry, reliably mastering the challenges of the increasing demand for electromobility.

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