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Ever in green

The extension of the Collomix site is situated at the rear of the existing production hall. A wide overhanging second floor with a TECU® Patina copper facade is placed on the stretched two level structures made of exposed concrete. The new building comprises all service and management areas, the factory canteen, a presentation space and an underground car park. TECU® Patina is prepatinated copper for immediate use.

TECU® Patina is always extremely varied, just as you would expect from a natural surface. The many different surface tones and shades eventually blend together, however only gradually. TECU® Patina was chosen for Collomix due to the unique developments occurring in the material which are exciting - just as modern architecture should be.

PROJECT: Office Building Collomix, Gaimersheim, DE
ARCHITECT: Essmann/Gärtner/Nieper Architekten GbR, Darmstadt/Leipzig, DE
INSTALLER: Karl Wild GmbH, Neuburg, DE
PHOTOS: ©Ralf Heidenreich

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