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Golden Copper Gem

Beautifully detailed and executed, a TECU® Gold clad pavilion designed by Maisch Wolf Architekten sits at the centre of Baumkirchen Mitte, a new residential quarter for Munich. The meandering apartment block wraps an open landscaped area and also the multi-purpose pavilion at the heart of the community. The golden pavilion, with its irregular pentagonal plan form, is overlooked by every apartment - and from all angles, including from above. The careful design and detailing of its facades and roof with TECU® Gold, an alloy of copper, were therefore critical to its success.

Conceived as a golden gem, all the facets of the pavilion's exterior are covered by rhomboidal copper alloy shingles with concealed joints and fixings to provide flat surfaces. They are set out on a diagonal grid that continues around corners with a deceptive simplicity. Similarly, edges around glazed openings are crisp, clean and apparently devoid of cover-strips, flashings, or other additions - the result of clever detailing and expert installation. TECU® Gold will soon after installation begin to develop a very elegant matt brown-golden appearance referencing gold in a very specific way.

PROJECT: Pavilion, Baumkirchen, Munich, DE
INSTALLER : FLEISCHER Metallfaszinationen, Neuhaus, DE
PHOTO: © Ralf Dieter Bischoff


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