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Gymnasium of La Fare les Oliviers

The TECU® Gold clad gymnasium of La Fare les Oliviers (Provence, France) is perfectly tailored to the needs of the community as the building is part of the existing topography and indeed inspired by it. Copper cladding is installed using the traditional standing seam technique on a timber substrate. TECU® Gold will soon after installation begin to develop a very elegant matt brown-golden appearance referencing gold in a very specific way. The architects choice was for aesthetic and durability which can also be expressed by the choice of a beautiful, solid, perennial weathering copper material. As the architect Fabrice Giraud said: "It is a question of choosing a material that knows how to age with nobility."

PROJECT: Gymnasium La Fare Les Oliviers, Marseille
ARCHITECT: Fabrice Giraud, Marseille
PHOTOS: ©Florent Joliot

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