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TECU® Copper on the façade adds immense character to the extension of the Hummelaue Golf Club by Wichmann Architekten & Ingenieure: "The 25-year old club building lies embedded in the landscape of the golf course. The new addition is an independent building, intended for the functional extension of the old one. A new space has emerged as the centre of the building complex, accommodating outdoor gastronomy, front desk, shop and bistro. The façades are designed as a horizontally layered structure. Open and closed areas alternate here. Copper and glass on the upper floor stand out against the nature of the material of the old building, while the brick façades of the lower floor create the optical connection to the existing building."

In the beginning, the architectural choice material is bright red rolled copper. However what follows is an ever-changing spectacle of weather, light and the natural, lively language of the material. Changes are very gradual and not entirely predictable - just like the weather, which, in turn, is solely responsible for copper's continual changes. First, the surface turns matt. Gradually, the material develops an oxide layer to protect it against the effects of weathering. This process brings with it striking colour variations through an entire range of brown and brown-violet tones, offering varying nuances according to change of light and season.

TECU® products are exclusively manufactured from copper and copper alloys. Hence, they are "by nature" committed to the concept of sustainability. Another decisive advantage: TECU® Classic, TECU® Premium, TECU® Oxid and TECU® Patina are made completely from recycled copper!

PROJECT: Golfclub Hummelbachaue, Neuss, DE
ARCHITECT: Wichmann Architekten & Ingenieure GmbH, Neuss, DE
INSTALLER: Friedrich Koch Bedachungs GmbH, Bottrop, DE
PHOTOS: ©Jens Willebrand


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