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KME - now with EloPin® for press-fit technology


Osnabrück, 30/05/2018–As a licensee in press-fit technology using EloPin®, KME most recently offers this connection technology for high-quality solderless and gas-tight electrical connections in the field of PCB contacting with plug-in connectors. Subsequently, stamped parts with press-fit zones are usually further processed into hybrid parts or electromechanical assemblies. 

In press-fit technology with EloPin®, plug-in connectors can be installed in circuit boards and PCBs without additional soldering, in order to subsequently ensure smooth energy and data transport in practical applications by a simple plug-in technique. No damage occurs during assembly and a high level of flexibility is guaranteed during use.
KME high-performance materials for press-fit technology are additionally used wherever the manufacture of fast and cost-effective multiple-pin plug-in connections is called for. KME copper and copper alloy materials provide reliable services in components subject to high stress loads, as in the automotive and electronics industries, for example. 
Different materials excel in different fields of application as KME high-performance materials from the alloy groups CuNiSi and CuCr for press-fit technology:
• CuCrSiTi - STOL® 75 (C18070) as the material for applications in electrical engineering with high conductivity and good relaxation resistance
• CuNiSi - STOL® 76M (C19005) is the ideal material for applications with electro-mechanical components and has medium conductivity, high bending capacity and good relaxation resistance.
• CuCrZr - STOL® 95 (C18160) is excellently suitable for electromobility applications, as it can also be used at temperatures of up to 150°C due to its maximum conductivity, high bending capacity and very good relaxation resistance.
Today, thanks to its versatile and attractive properties, such as high mechanical stability, good forming behaviour and high electrical conductivity, copper is one of the most-used metals in industrial applications. The fact that KME materials can also be galvanised and are RoHS compliant is almost self-evident considering the multitude of outstanding characteristics. Copper is not only a classic material, but is also used in innovative applications such as electromobility, for instance. The KME product portfolio comprises a wide range of high-tech copper alloys for your applications. 


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