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Chengdu’s New City Museum designed by Sutherland Hussey Harris Architects in collaboration with Beijing-based Pansolution quickly became the most important cultural building of the vivid capital of Sichuan. It was visited by more than 600,000 visitors within the first three months after the opening.
Situated at the west edge of Tian Fu Square which is the city centre, the museum proudly stands as a gateway to Chengdu and as a bridge between history and future with a 16th century mosque on one side and the Square with large commercial developments on the other side.
Inspired by the ancient artefacts made from bronze, gold and jade which are presented as a part of the museum’s permanent exhibition, the building is wrapped in TECU® Gold, a copper and aluminum alloy for roofing and façade cladding. Soon after installation the striking copper alloy begins to develop a very elegant matt brown-golden appearance reminiscent of gold in a very specific way.
Some of the façade elements are done in translucent TECU® Gold_mesh, not only as a reference to a gold mask which is one of the museums most prominent exhibits but evoking as well the imagination of traditional Sichuan shadow-play at night, whilst at daytime providing half shade and allowing the passage of gentle daylight.

PROJECT: New City Museum, Chengdu
ARCHITECT: Sutherland Hussey Harris, Edinburgh; 
Pansolution International, Beijing
PHOTOS: ©Arch Exist


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