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5G is fast and 5G is essential for data demanding applications that require large amounts of real-time data at high transmission rates such as autonomous driving, artificial intelligence (AI) or smart home applications.

It is obvious that this places special demands on KME’s high-performance copper materials and their further processing. In close cooperation with customers and partners from industry, KME manufactures e.g. in its own punching shop perforated strips for the production of radiating cables used in the 5G network. Radiating cables are basically coaxial cables in which slots are punched in the outer conductor, allowing controlled amounts of electromagnetic energy to be radiated and absorbed by the cable. We produce the copper and copper alloy strips required for this purpose in our own foundry and rolling mill.

But our service starts a few steps earlier: we also offer our customers all the steps of the complete process chain from consulting to material selection, the best possible production process adapted to the material, surface finishing, packaging, automation, coupling to subsequent processes in production, material recycling and metal handling. Always under the motto “everything from a single source”, the production cycle is closed; interfaces are saved, effort and above all costs are minimised - important factors in an increasingly demanding competitive environment. This makes KME the ideal partner when it comes to sophisticated stamped, contact and bent parts as well as the production of entire assemblies.

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KME stamped parts for the fast 5G Net