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As already announced on August 10, 2020, KME was the target of a serious cyber attack on August 9, 2020, despite the establishment of a state-of-the-art data protection and security management system.

Although our ERP system is not affected and continues to function, there are more and more restrictions in production, as, for example, access to data from file servers is currently not possible. With the help of external expertise from specialists, we are working at full speed to find a solution to the problem in order to be able to maintain ongoing business operations and to guarantee or restore data protection and data security. Also the receipt of goods is currently only possible to a limited extent or possibly not at all.

As we are well aware of the negative effects on the operating procedures of our customers and suppliers, we would like to ask our business partners for their understanding that we may not be able to manufacture or deliver/receive goods on time, so that this can be taken into account in the planning. 

As a purely precautionary measure, we would like to point out that the disruptions caused by the cyber attack represent an event of force majeure, against the occurrence of which we were powerless. Please support us as far as possible. For its part, KME will make every effort to provide transparent and timely information regarding the future event and its consequences. Furthermore, we will do everything possible to eliminate the consequences of the cyber attack. 

We thank you for your understanding. 

With kind regards,

KME Germany GmbH

KME Special Products GmbH

KME Mansfeld GmbH