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Quality Note

The building and civil engineering company Nova Construction consistently focuses on sustainability.

In addition to excellent work quality, the focus is on environmentally friendly technical solutions and the sorting, recovery and recycling of waste. For the redesign of the company's headquarters in Lescar, TECU® Bronze was used for facade cladding, a material whose properties fully meet the company's credo: Long-lasting quality paired with full recyclability.

The projecting metal façade covers the entrance area and the upper floor. Perforations in an irregular line pattern playfully take up the shape of the ground floor windows, conveying lightness and a transparent corporate communication.

The warm red-brown surface of TECU® Bronze shows a very typical colour development under free weathering. After a brown-red oxidation phase with a brown-grey colouring in the material base, the material very gradually changes colour to dark brown-anthracite. TECU® Bronze is one of the 'TECU® Ecological Copper Alloys' and is therefore predestined for certified green buildings. All components of the alloy originate 100% from recycled material.


KME Material: TECU® Bronze
Project: Nova Construction offices,  Lescar (FR)
Architect: Valérie Despagnet, Sauvagnon (FR)
Installer:  Alkar, Mauléon (FR) / Soluzinc, La Chapelle Saint-Luc (FR)
Photos: ©Carole Pro

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