• Drinking water distribution
  • Radiator heating
  • Chilled water distribution

Advantages of the Product

Main features

Strato represents the evolution of tubing for the conveyance of drinking water and for radiator heating plant. This product combines the lightness and the ease of installation of traditional multi-layer solutions with the unique performance of copper tubing in terms of resistance to pressure and high temperatures, hygiene and antibacterial properties, low-pressure losses and reduced internal roughness.

Strato is manufactured according to the standard UNI 11342: “…Composite, Seamless Copper-pe, Tubes For Fluid Distribution”. It is obtained by the coextrusion of a specific reduced thickness copper tube with an indissoluble layer of polyethylene. It is then externally insulated with an insulating sheath made of closed cell expanded polyethylene compliant to Italian Law 10/91 and the related Presidential Decree 412/93.